Bricklayer is an app that provides an environment for editing and executing Bricklayer programs. An artifact viewer must be installed separately. We recommend LEGO Digital Designer (LDD). LDraw is another option.

Download and open the Bricklayer dmg file.  If you have administrator privileges and wish to install the Bricklayer client for all users on the computer, simply drag the Bricklayer application to the Applications folder link shown in the dmg window.  Otherwise, drag the bricklayer application to a directory of your choosing.  After placing the Bricklayer application in a directory, you may drag the Bricklayer application into the dock.

Bricklayer programs should be saved in files having a “dot-bl” extension (e.g., A Bricklayer program can be run by opening it using the Bricklayer app (aka Bricklayer) and then clicking on the run button.

Validating that an Install is Working

To validate that your installation is successful, do the following:

  1. Download the following zipped Bricklayer program to any folder you like: Test Program.
  2. Navigate to that location and unzip the file. The result is a file named
  3. Open the file in the Bricklayer app.
  4. Click on the Run button at the bottom of the Bricklayer window.
  5. LEGO Digital Designer (or LDraw) should open automatically and display the artifact

NOTE: To execute properly, Bricklayer programs must have a “bl” extension (e.g.,