Level 5 coding studies correspond to Vitruvia concepts 20 – 23.


Code Along

  • Traversals – learn how to use the Bricklayer functions traverseWithin and applyWithin to create patterns.
  • Basic Properties – this code-along explores how properties can be used to create basic artifacts.
  • Circles – learn how to create circles.
  • Slanted Triangles – learn how to use predicates, one-to-one correspondences, and traversals to create slanted triangles.
  • Nesting Traversals – learn how to create patterns using nested traversals.
  • Redundant Computations – learn how to use variables to eliminate (or reduce) redundant computations in expressions.
  • Computational Patterns – explore how to declare functions that capture computational patterns occurring in expressions involving integer sums.


  • Exercises – these exercises ask you to construct a variety of artifacts using traversals and brick functions.

Special Projects

  • Projection – learn how to project 2D artifacts onto 3D artifacts.