We help people of all ages develop math and coding skills through art.

Bricklayer.org provides an array of tools to ease people into coding in a way that is visually compelling and immediately accessible.

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Enhance your mathematical reasoning skills with Bricklayer. The creation of the geometric patterns involves the understanding of coordinate systems, sequences, modular arithmetic, and symmetry. It's an engaging environment for developing the spatial and visual reasoning abilities that underly advanced mathematics.


Learn the increasingly important skill of coding. Bricklayer programs are written in a general-purpose functional programming language, called SML. Our web app, Bricklayer-Lite (implemented using the Blockly library developed by Google) provides a visual block-based coding environment in which one can create a more basic set of Bricklayer programs.


Express yourself in a new way. Bricklayer libraries provide support for creating 2D and 3D block-based artifacts. Problem-solving and math are used to exercise creative and artistic skills in a fun and innovative environment. Bricklayer integrates with third-party software including: LEGO Digital Designer, LDraw, Minecraft, and 3D Builder.

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Learn to code with the help of a collection of web apps, online reading material, exercises, YouTube videos, and downloadable software.

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Sample curriculums and K-12 teacher presentations provide material supplementing the educational content available on the Bricklayer website to inspire and guide the customization and creation of lesson plans meeting a variety of educational objectives relating to mathematical thinking, computational thinking, coding, and computer science.

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Try this course that extends fundamental bricklayer technologies.
Enhance your computational thinking, mathematical thinking, and coding while developing spatial abilities.

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