We believe the programming language in which a person writes their first program can have significant long-term impact on the computational thinking skills they develop. The connection between thought and language has long been acknowledged, within the field of computer science (as well as in other disciplines).

“…the tools we are trying to use and the language or notation we are using to express or record our thoughts, are the major factors determining what we can think or express at all!”

Edsger Dijkstra, ACM Turing Award Lecture 1972

Statements such as the one made by Edsger Dijkstra underscore the importance of choosing the language in which one wants to express ideas. Bricklayer programs are written in the functional programming language SML and combines art, math, and coding in a unique manner.

The Bricklayer educational environment facilitates customized instructional methods that address the needs/interests of students on an individual basis. Workshops always have a student-teacher ratio of 8-to-1 or less, and our instructional methods enable all students to be challenged regardless of their abilities.

Like Art or Music lessons and workshops, Bricklayer workshops may be taken more than once. In fact, we recommend that a particular workshop be taken until sufficient mastery has been achieved. Only then should taking a more advanced workshop be considered.

Calendar of Events

Workshop Descriptions

We have plans to offer a variety of workshops geared toward student interests and abilities. In the years ahead, we believe students will develop tremendous coding abilities and we are developing workshops and content with such a future in mind.

Workshop: Introduction to Bricklayer

This workshop assumes no prior coding experience. Depending on interest and ability, activities may include:

  • Exploring the algorithms for creating various kinds of patterns including fractals
  • Creation of 2D/3D LEGO artifacts
  • Group pixel art projects
  • 3D printing
  • Creation of artifacts in Minecraft

Workshop: Advanced 2D Bricklayer

coming soon

Workshop: 3D Bricklayer

coming soon

Workshop: Using Bricklayer in Minecraft

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Workshop: Advanced 3D Bricklayer

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